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Who is Ali Montemayor?


A restless creative soul, that traded in her paintbrush for a camera.

I was born and raised in the great Lone Star State, but found myself in the land of beehives for college. While studying the political sciences I found catharsis in doodles. Let me tell you, no piece of paper was safe. In my 4th year at Utah State, I took one singular art class, where I  was able to focus on the human form, and establish a deep appreciation for capturing a moment in ones eyes. I went on to forgo poli-sci with absolute reckless abandon, and pursue art instead. I even illustrated a few children’s books, but portraiture had my heart.

Then, I had twins.

My creativity took a back seat, as I dedicated a year to them, but the siren song rang in my ears, and I knew I had to find a way back to my beloved portraits. Seeing as how paint and charcoals do not mix well with minions of mayhem,  I turned to a new medium, in the form of a camera. Instead of acrylics and inks, I now painted in light. A hobby that was founded out of a necessity to spark creativity, soon ignited into an all encompassing inferno. Photography burns within me, and with every new endeavor it glows a bit brighter.





Ali Montemayor Photography

In 2020, I embarked on a mission for everyone to see themselves as art. Showcasing stories and moments worthy of not only being told, but outright displayed with pride.  You are a masterpiece. I’m simply here to capture your story in the right light. 

Ali Montemayor Photography is so incredible at what she does! Not only is she a fantastic photographer, but she makes you feel totally comfortable in front of the Camera! She thinks of all the little details and the results speak for themselves!! Will always love working with her


Let me tell you about a hype woman! Ali is incredible at making you feel amazing throughout the whole shoot, is incredibly collaborative and open to ideas, and her photos are brilliant


I LOVE my senior pics so so much! I could not have asked for better pics!


We and our bridal party felt great and comfortable with Ali capturing our special day. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


We love the pics so much! My husband already said ‘I want more’. He hates getting pictures taken so that just tells you how tickled he is

Jenn & Drew
November 15, 2021

Howdy! Hi! Hello!

Allow me a moment to introduce myself, as well as you to this entire grand artistic journey. I'm Ali, also known as the redheaded Texan, and I am on a…